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Emergency Dentist

Emergency Dentist in Idaho Falls

While patients can avoid many oral problems with preventative care and regular visits to the dentist, emergency dental treatment is occasionally necessary. Dentists may administer this type of care during or outside of regular office hours to help patients with various oral problems, such as infections or missing teeth. Emergency dental treatment is care administered to relieve mouth pain without prior scheduling.

Emergency dental treatment is available at Sandcreek Dental in Idaho Falls and the surrounding area. We use this type of treatment to care for many common mouth problems to improve patients’ oral health. Proper care and treatment are essential for helping patients recuperate from a dental emergency.

If you are experiencing severe mouth pain and need immediate medical treatment, call us at (208) 513-1092 to make an appointment and have your oral health restored.

How Emergency Dentistry Works

Most dental practices offer routine checkups and cleanings with appointments. For most minor problems, patients can call ahead to schedule an appointment within a few days to resolve the issue. Emergency dentistry treats patients dealing with significant dental trauma who need immediate care.

When To Visit an Emergency Dentist

Not all oral problems require emergency dental care, so patients must examine their situation before making an appointment. Most minor issues can wait a few days for a scheduled appointment. However, there are several reasons to seek emergency dental care:

  • Restorative emergencies: Accidents can occur at any time, and in the event of a missing or chipped tooth, it is best to seek immediate care. Restorative emergencies require dental care to preserve teeth, so they remain functional. Dentists can then replace teeth to restore the patient’s smile.
  • Severe gum pain: According to WebMD, patients should visit the dentist if minor tooth, jaw, or gum pain lasts more than two days. However, those who are in extreme pain should visit the dentist immediately. Pain that persists despite taking over-the-counter medications, such as Aleve®, Tylenol®, or Advil®, could indicate a serious infection or gum disease.
  • Tooth abscess: Tooth abscesses are caused by pockets of pus that develop underneath teeth. In addition to being extremely painful, a tooth abscess can lead to a life-threatening infection if left untreated. Seeking immediate care allows dentists to drain the pus that causes the pain before the problem becomes more severe.
  • Lost fillings: When patients lose cavity fillings or crowns, the opening is susceptible to infection. Replacing lost crowns and fillings eliminates pain and reduces the chance of infection setting in. Waiting to receive this treatment could elevate patients’ pain.

Benefits of Emergency Dental Care

Emergency dental treatment helps relieve mouth pain quickly and effectively. Dental trauma can occur from an accident or an injury. Seeking immediate care when a problem occurs prevents it from becoming a more extensive issue requiring harsher treatments. By taking control of dental emergencies and visiting the dentist immediately, patients can drastically improve their oral health.

Treatments for Dental Emergencies

Since there are many types of dental emergencies, treatment options vary. The dentist will first examine the problem to determine the best course of treatment. After diagnosing the issue, the dentist can either treat the infection, remove the infected tooth, or replace missing tooth fragments. The dentist may also prescribe pain medication or antibiotics to aid in recovery.

What To Do While Waiting For Emergency Dental Treatment

If a patient is suffering from any kind of dental trauma, the first thing to do is contact the dentist for instructions. Treatment options vary depending upon the type of problem. For a lost filling or crown, patients can use a small piece of sugarless gum to cover the opening temporarily. Mouth pain can sometimes be alleviated with over-the-counter medications, while extensive dental trauma may require patients to pack their mouths with gauze.

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